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Colby created the C Fit Method following the simple principles that all you need to succeed in your fitness journey is to be committed to conditioning your body and your mind.

The C Fit Method is the ultimate formula for achieving - and maintaining health and fitness. Colby's signature training style combines functional (aka movements you do day-to-day) and traditional (aka workin' on your fitness one muscle group at a time) strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, yoga, and Pilates. Colby ties all of these disciplines together in her proprietary C Fit Series of programs. 

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Commit to health and commit to your goals. Finding your "why" is the catalyst for everything. 

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Condition your body so that over time, every workout leaves you stronger and more ready to tackle the day. 

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Change takes time. But Colby puts together workouts that are fun, challenging, and innovative. These are designed to keep you motivated to move and to leave you feeling recharged. 

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Colby's workouts are thoughtfully created to push the body to new limits - without making recovery brutal. Her method is designed to make sure every muscle group works together in a unique and effective flow of movement. You'll get all the benefits without crushing your body. 

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The fuel we use to (re)charge our bodies is just as important as the effort we put into our workouts. Colby will work with you to find the best nutrition plan to bring your results to the next level. 

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